Ford CEO warns over EV charging ‘anxiety’

Ford CEO Jim Farley discusses the EV market, concerns surrounding mandates and competition from China.#foxbusiness

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  1. 2
    The Polemicist

    I heard of this twice with the Lighting having the cruising range shortage. Ford needs to have a guarantee 300 mile range minimal with accessible charging stations to make this work. They have launched this vehicle prematurely from the looks of this.

  2. 11
    Matt Mills

    This administration is a joke. The fools can’t even drive 500 miles as a publicity stunt. We must vote them into retirement, for the good of our country.

  3. 15
    I am Kesha

    Car manufacturers CEO are cowards. Why aren’t they pushing back on this administration crazy policies? Unless, they know this is going to be a failure but is confident they will get a government bailout to keep their corporations in the black so they don’t care.

  4. 16
    Jenni C

    Minerals used, lithium, cobalt, and nickel, which are crucial for EV batteries, require using fossil fuels to mine and heat them to high temperatures

  5. 18

    The Ford CEO is a stooge of the left and doing their biding. Sir, you come across as someone who's not quite convinced of what you're saying but you've been told to say it or else! It shows in your shifty little eyes, moving left and right! When you fall flat on your face, remember the Bud Light fiasco. Stop gaslighting us and for once take a stance for yourself and for the people, not for a political movement whose only interest is the taste of power, not you, nor the people. One way or another, you'll be discard when they don't need you anymore! Not matter how mighty you think you are.

  6. 19
    Patrick Miles

    Show me how a single parent in the inner city can afford an Electric Vehicle. Most Americans today really can’t afford a new car of any kind. At the rate of “take-home” income versus bills, EV’s have no hope in America without major changes in the economy.

  7. 20
    Todd Birman

    So is this what the average citizens going to have to do to go on vacation. Have somebody run ahead of them and block the electric chargers so you could go on a vacation and not have to worry where to stop and get electric that ain't going to happen we all know this

  8. 25
    Martin Burns

    The Government needs to bring down the national debt!, that, and get mirrors for the democratic party since they don't know what a dictionary looks like,

  9. 26

    I like how they cant just simply discuss about building more charging stations. And how at least Telsa is actually doing something about it

  10. 28

    The global warming freaks are concerned temperature is dropping rapidly, our windmills and solar panels have worked too good. How can we stabilize the thermometer to read 72 degrees year round?😬🥶. Perhaps if people were to drive gasoline combustion vehicles 😅😅

  11. 33
    Puna Forager

    In some cases they don5 make an electric alternative that actually has the power to perform, like the professional weedwacker don’t exist yet. The stuff they have is for small time grass, doesn’t have the power to get through tropical weeds.

  12. 36
    Lance August

    we don’t want electric cars. You are not going to force people to own these. They don’t work in frigid temperatures and in rural areas where distances are vast.

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