Focus on group identity makes it harder for different groups to get along, book argues

Author Yascha Mounk joins Morning Joe to discuss the ideas from his new book ‘The Identity Trap: A Story of Ideas and Power in Our Time’.

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Focus on group identity makes it harder for different groups to get along, book argues

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  1. 5
    Dead Man

    Wendy Kaminer, in Worst Instincts, called tribalism the dark side of associational life. The difference between the right and the not-so-right is that the former has figured out how to make tribalism work for them and the latter has no clue.

  2. 6
    F L

    The Democrats run on Identity politics. It's not about qualification or intelligence when they run for office. It's about getting in through the color of their skin.

    Look at what we have today: VP Harris is a Total Numbskull who got the job because of Identity politics. This happened again when Barrack Hussein Obama was elected.

    The Left is Notorious for having Unqualified people in top positions of our government. Such a Disgrace! 👀

  3. 7
    Angie S.

    As long as people have to fight for their rights to exist and be accepted as having equal status based on their group identity there will be a focus on group identity. This is not the fault of the people seeking their rights or fighting for self-respect, it is the fault of those who would deny them of that. No one focuses more on these things than do reactionary ideologues like Ron DeSantis, et al. It’s human nature, sadly. This work is bunk.

  4. 9
    DJ Pomare

    The Rise and Fall of the Divided Sates.

    Remember when the US was praised for Ali, Elvis & MJ.

    Now the US is laughed at for Orange Stupid, school shootings and pandemic mismanagement.

    MAGATs believe repeating lies make it true. Let's try it out. I'm a billionaire. Please tell me I'm billionaire to make it true. Nope not yet, say it again.

  5. 11
    Rn Kn

    An exclusive focus on identity makes it difficult for members of the dominant group to relate because dominant identities are an invisible baseline against which everyone else is compared. This can be overcome by learning about others, and understanding history from different perspectives. It is still very possible to not understand someone’s difference, but simply asking others what they need, and using your own power to defend their dignity is enough.

  6. 13
    Black Mark

    Whilst I agree with much of what these authors/celebs/politicos are writing about, it's pretty sick that we so often learn about their work around the time their book is published.

  7. 15
    Andrea Brown

    Why would I feel I have something in common with ppl who continually whitewash my history and who subconsciously remind me how inferior they think both me and my race is!

  8. 16
    D J 321

    I don't understand the strange changes in our civilization over the past 40 years, but they will not change back. The hatred that seems to get worse by the day is very troubling. Hatred causes more hatred it is a terrible cycle fueled by terrible people a lot of them in politics ,elected by our own citizens. If a person is not caring and kind they are not a leader, if they have no humility they are not a leader. Leaders do not belittle others. Good leaders lead with dignity and class..

  9. 18

    Polls show 75% of Diversity Equity and Inclusion positions are held by WHITE people. But when occupied by a poc that tries to affect change, the position has a high turnover rate.

  10. 19

    No need to apply a label because, for one thing, no one has a clue as to a definition. Instead, and I think in all situations, we humans should simply acknowledge and respect the desired life and lifestyle a fellow human chooses to live. ✌

  11. 20
    T B

    Nikki Haley…or whatever her name is…oh that’s right she doesn’t even use her God given name…what a phony!

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