Fmr. Defense Secretary Esper on Mark Milley’s legacy and the nation’s biggest threats

Katy Tur spoke to former Secretary of the Department of Defense, Mark Esper, about General Mark Milley’s legacy, as well as the US’s top international concerns.

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  1. 1
    Kellie Wood

    "Mark Esper as the secretary of defense had a solemn obligation to issue a grave warning against officers, both active and retired who sought to overthrow the president of the United States using armed force. Retired officers who published contemptuous words against the president should've been issued permanent letters of reprimand cautioning against criminal violations of Article 88 UCMJ. They should've been reminded that Article 88 applied to retired officers. And that the law was inacted because undermining the authority of the commander in chief presents a clear and present danger to the survival of our republic. The department of defense must act resolutely to restore public confidence. Americans deserve reassurance that our nation will not be overthrown by a military cabal," former Military Judge Black speaking against the illegal actions of John Nagel, Paul Yingling, Mark Milley, James Mattis, Colin Powell, and John Kelly. Mark Esper betrayed his oath of office to ensure domestic tranquility to protect citizens from foreign and domestic enemies. He's a traitor to the United States of America.

  2. 2
    John Davis

    "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".Fortunately we had good men like Mark Milley and a few others as well.Everybody in this country should realize that before they even think of voting for Trump.

  3. 7
    arañita games

    This guy has no legacey period , never fought a war,a failure leaving Afghanistan. A failure in Ukraine , this guy didnt say one real thing he did .He was just a globalist puppet, Ukraine is a mess uh oh i best split this mess.

  4. 10


  5. 11
    Platonic Rainy

    The US armed forces went woke and are an embarrassment now to the people. It’s why recruitment will continue to fall because why would anyone volunteer their life to protect communism. Communism is the enemy of freedom and democracy. The democrats are trying to turn the US into the next China by waging a “culture“ war but it’s really a war against freedom and democracy. It’s how the CCP got into power, by weaponizing the cultural revolution. A lot of the people who fled communist China, Cuba, and Russia have spoken up how the US is heading towards the same place as the countries that they fled. Heed the warning (people of the US) and beware of the Democratic Party and their mouthpieces like MSNBC.

  6. 15
    Eugene Pickett

    General understands the constitution and military rule of law which many people who didn’t serve won’t understand leadership should never be above the law! Thank you for holding your ground! I did not follow any command by my superior officer if it broke the law! I’m NOT STUPID, and The General did right by the law!

  7. 16
    Dev Carter

    Trump hates General Milley because he couldn't get Milley to turn on Americans. When are people going to recognize that Trump is working on behalf of Putin and Russia to destroy America.

  8. 21
    aaron hughes

    In all truth. That would be in reverse. Should be enforced. A former President Or a sitting President. What is being done As we see. And don't the processing. The full length show it was treason. Treason is executed.

  9. 23
    Alex Fox

    Milley is not a soldier, he is a crooked treasonous politician who actively worked against a sitting president. Go get in touch with your white privilege Mark.

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