Flipping Kavanaugh: What’s really behind Alabama’s gerrymandering gambit

Alex Wagner shares new reporting from the Alabama Political Reporter that Alabama Republicans are defying a Supreme Court order to draw a fair congressional district map on purpose to return the case to the Supreme Court with the expectation that Justice Brett Kavanaugh will carry their cause of ending the Voting Rights Act. Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor at Slate and author of “Lady Justice,” joins to discuss. 
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  1. 3
    Roger Thornhill

    The republicans make up their own rules to fit their needs and expect everyone to follow what they say is right even if it isnt.
    Their the party of lie cheat and steal. Need to get big money out of politics all together.

  2. 6
    xps xps133

    I was wondering what Alabama's GOP meant when they said it's not over after the SCOTUS made its decision… and I admit it didn't come to my mind. The highest time to impeach minimally 3 of the current SCOTUS justices and also – expanding the SCOTUS.

  3. 12
    Lincoln Parked

    Clearly, after exposing all the Leonard Leo's of America and hopefully bringing charges where crimes are identified and proven we need a heck of a lot more Term Limits!

  4. 17
    Charles Jenner

    It is not the Supreme Court which makes the law, it is the Congress… All these questions of electoral boundaries do not have to be studied by the Supreme Court

  5. 18
    Kenny E

    No! We the People. Are the fools in this play. We are the clowns, going around trying to get a laugh at the world. In the hope that the World, does not notice our fear. That, " We the people ", have been Usurped by our own Justice System, that we have for the last 250 years held up as one of the World's best.

    The US Supreme Court is a joke, as is the American Justice System. Our Nation's Justice System, was thrown together from a mess of scam artist and solicitors. And then placed in a position of authority and made a part of Our Republic. With the hope and the promise, these men and women, would not return to their wicket ways and the trash that they were drawn from. But what the American people got was a "cult". A brotherhood of scam artist, who are willing do anything to make a dollar or obtain some form of power.

    Kavanaugh, Alito, and Thomas, are only in it for the gravy or other fast monies. As is their wives. With no moral back bone, the three of them will openly destroy the lives of millions of Americans. And force the Nation to dance to their sickening tunes.Their ruling are almost never based on "sound" legal decisions, but are base on their own believes and the monies of their friends and associates.

  6. 23

    what's behind the gerrymandering gambit? Is that a loaded question or click bait? I think it's obvious. Republicans want to maintain their control over the House of Representatives and maintain rule by minority.

  7. 24
    Jaycen Solo

    That is what this is about. I live in Blount county Al, Remlap if you must know and yes, it is racist, it is bullsh!t, and as long as this republican mindset continues, so will it.
    How long did it take for Alabama to accept Civil Right? yeah, They Are RACIST.
    White Guy from Remlap, Blount county, Alabama.

  8. 27
    Dientera - The Raging Gentleman

    I'm sorry, but…. Isn't a Supreme Court Justice giving off "hints" like that, telling people how to cheat the system, isn't that grounds for impeachment? I mean, I know he shouldn't be there anywhere because he lied in his congressional hearing under oath, which is literally a CRIME, but this is while on the job abusing his position to help people cheat others out of their vote….. How are these Justices allowed to just betray the country like this and nothing happens?

  9. 28

    I wonder how many millions of dollars from Leonard Leo and his billionaire buddies will it take to "flip" Bret Kavanaugh. Obviously, it wasn't enough for their first "go-round".

  10. 31
    joe smith

    They are NOT conservatives- they have no respect for the Constitution or the Republic. They are NOT Christians- thier doctrine is exactly opposite to His doctrine of "love God with your whole heart soul mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself" They are NOT patriots- they tried to murder the congress and the republic on Jan 6. They are FASCISTS plain and simple. Fascism= worship of the God-like leader + dictatorship, crony capitalism, and racial supremacy. and that's what the Rethuglicans believe in.

  11. 32
    francis elonye

    This is also the basis or theory to throw out the idea of electoral college votes period, if Alabama will not obey the court ruling , then other states should refuse to use electoral college for nominating the president of united states

  12. 34
    Mary Ford

    This is how they will change America to Gilead. These people are evil. 𝔾𝕖𝕣𝕣ymandering needs to be abolished. Maps should never be written by either party. Its ridiculous that they ever were.

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