Fetterman must be a very fragile person: Karl Rove

FOX News contributor Karl Rove reacts to the Senate ditching its dress code to accommodate Democratic Pa. Sen. John Fetterman’s signature sweatpants style on ‘The Story.’

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  1. 1
    Eric Kriebel


  2. 13
    Mike Warner

    Sad about Fetterman's disability. More sad is the fact that STUPID PA-ers elected him!!! What's worse is that PA-ers who elected the disabled senator is that the voters will probably do the same thing again in the next election. STUPID Pennsylvanians!!

  3. 18
    Dale Ennis

    What a genius Karl Rowe is,what an embarrassment this Bush Boy Is.Why is he still the Republican Spokesman for Fox!! He hates Trump ,always has.remember during the 2016 election,he said Trump had a hot floor,but a small ceiling.This go along to get along phoney needs to be fired!!

  4. 22

    Fetterman is a broken toy, and to see Schumer pander to him is just plain laughable. He's mentally disturbed (he was institutionalized for it) and because of his stroke he's got a lot fewer functioning brain cells than your average Democrat, which is very disturbing in itself. If he doesn't want to wear a suit he can stay home in his skivvies and a wife-beater – his aides can do his job for him at the office (you know they are anyway) without having a brain-dead Lurch skulking around distracting them. He can text them with his little snippets of his wisdom a couple times a day so he can feel like he's somehow involved.

  5. 23

    This IMO is not partisan at all. It's about appearing like a dignified and respectful human being. This guy is too lazy to put on a three piece and a tie. A slacker.

  6. 24

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