Female doctors earn 74 cents for every male physician, says president of Women in Medicine

A recent study reveals a wage gap in medicine, with female doctors earning 74 cents for every dollar male physicians make. The Women in Medicine Summit is tackling this issue head-on, bringing together healthcare professionals to address gender bias in the field. Dr. Shikha Jain, President of Women in Medicine, joins Morning Joe to discuss the summit’s focus on empowering women, navigating challenges, and promoting systemic change to bridge these disparities.

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Female doctors earn 74 cents for every male physician, says president of Women in Medicine

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  1. 1
    Shannon Donahue

    Times haven't changed much since we women were singing protest songs about any woman making 54 cents of every male's dollar. That was the 1960s. Nope not much change at all!

  2. 3

    And at equal number of hours worked, in the same specialty, with the same number of years of experience, as permanent or replacement personnel, that difference amounts to ?

  3. 4
    Raphael Pihan

    I'm sorry the pay is equal. It just is. If men work more hours and don't have maternity leave they will make more money. More fake news from MSNBC, the gold standard of fake news.

  4. 5

    On the average, in all the jobs that I have performed, the men out performed the women in those Fields, (Forward Deployed U.S. Navy "Engineering", Deep Water Electrician, Oil & Gas Operations.) I am sure that I make WAY more than the women in my Field, but I don't see women sleeping in their car instead of going home because of the excess over time worked or being called in on your vacation or during holidays. Also, most men like to troubleshoot and fix things, it's how our mind works.

  5. 6
    Maria G.

    Every story about inequality brings out the outrage from mediocre white men — no difference here. None of these guys feels a need to provide data or cite studies; they just deny the fact in front of them. Get over your fears of inadequacy, boys, and learn to work with grownups of all kinds.

  6. 10
    NPC #1337

    Still trying to push the wage gap myth? There are perfectly logical reasons why men earn more and it's not because of the patriarchy 😂

  7. 12

    you can't argue these companies are greedy for "paying women less" when they still voluntarily hire tons of men…for more money? make it make sense left wingers.

  8. 14

    Dr Shikha Jain Bravo! bravo bravo! Thank you and your teams! This is something we have needed to be dealt with since forever. If you need house wives for volunteer help let us know.

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