Elderly sisters’ ‘final’ goodbye goes viral

A possible final conversation between two sisters went viral online. The two sisters were reunited after three years apart due to Covid-19. #CNN #News #Reunion #Sisters

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  1. 7
    Peetalynn Andersen

    Umm. Every conversation isn't going to be all deep and serious.
    They didn't know it was their last conversation.
    What's your point. ?
    They wasted their last time together.
    How about….you have no idea woman.

  2. 8

    I just lost my sister this month. It was sudden for me but she had been told she had cancer 3ms ago started chemo. Chemo killed her.
    Biggest regret—texting instead of calling I could feel something was wrong.😢

  3. 9
    Sandra Louth

    My last conversation with my sister (65) was to beg her to go to the doctor as I really didn't want to go to her funeral. She said she would. She collapsed 2 days later. Her husband took her to the hospital and she never left. I so miss her

  4. 10
    Darlene Gilbert

    I knew the night I saw my mother, it would be the last. I gave her a big hug and kisses and said goodbye. She died the next morning. She was at home and on hospice.

  5. 19
    Miranda Gagatsis

    I have a good sister and a 2 with serious mental problems. My good sis knows I love her ❤. My ill sisters still need continuous mental help. I hope the government can help them. 🙏

  6. 20
    Bill Green

    It doesn't matter how you say it or what words you use as long as the other person knows what it means. Last time I saw my father I hugged him and as always said " I love you, please take all your medications and I'll see you soon "
    I said everything I needed to say and so did he.

  7. 26
    Cynthia Ahern

    My mother always said, "I love you" when we were parting. That is the last thing we said to each other before she passed later that day. I say it to my kids and grandchildren every time we part ways. Now they say it to their kids. You never know. ❤

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