Economic reality ‘is coming up against’ political reality: Gerry Baker

Wall Street Journal editor at large Gerry Baker spotlights Americans’ trust in local leaders and businesses. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 8
    Leta voss

    Tell me again about bringing these jobs back to the United States. Ask anyone who owns a business what it’s like to find employees that will actually show up and do a decent job. Tell me again about this Nirvana of manufacturing in the United States,then tell me how many of you are willing to pay double for everything you buy because that is exactly what you’re asking for. Next time you shop at one of the big box stores try to buy any product it doesn’t say made in China or some other Asian nation. You’ll have a very short shopping trip and you’ll have an empty basket.

  2. 11
    Carol Gower

    We all need to stand together and fight this wokeism enough is enough for the big corporate businesses screwing the people their jobs are also on the line you better vote for Trump otherwise there's a big and I do mean big possibility down the line that you will not have a job

  3. 18
    Shirley Walker

    The Democrats are makin America last. Their agenda is complete control over every aspect of our lives. They want no individual rights no free speach or thoughts or dreams its what they dictate or nothing. They bend the laws or outright break them and jerr while doing it so you need to go with a man like Trump who will make this nation first and loves our constitution and our freedom if youre not for freedom and our constitution yhen you must be against it.

  4. 26
    Cash Sosa

    “Bidenomics” 😂😂😂. I use to think you had to be rich to be a republican now I think you have to be absolutely insane or lgbtq to be a democrat

  5. 29
    Trevon Jackson

    This is my fifth year after retirement. I’ve been following the 4% rule thing, but this isn’t really how hard I expected things to be. I still have about $460k outside funds in my IRA to invest in stocks. Pls how do I take advantage of the market turnaround?

  6. 32
    Rick Newton

    They see tomorrow the electric cars and we (America) is not tooled for it but China is it is all going to China. That is why Biden is taking money from China he is passing the mantle.

  7. 33

    No one gets a 40% raise. In my industry we get 3% raises. These workers are deluded and should be very careful or they will be without jobs.

  8. 34

    JB is the gift that just keeps on giving. Whether you want it or not. The cheap EV's that now cost $50,000 will now cost Americans $80,000 thanks to JB help with negotiations.

  9. 41
    David Potwin

    If the dollar was strong we wouldn’t need wages to be raised but the dollar isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on is why inflation is so high ! Today a car costs 43000 dollars and tomorrow bread will cost 43000 dollars ! 1939 Germany went through the same process !

  10. 42
    A friend_of the Family

    The prices went up anyway, and have been for years. They alway have an excuse to rip people off. For years these people haven't had the appropriate wages. Theres not enough to pay workers but theres always enough for fatcat bonuses and salaries. Strangest thing is that the corporate wages always seem to keep up, no matter what 🤔

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