Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Our New Covid Calculation

Last week, the FDA and CDC signed off on updated Covid-19 vaccines that target currently circulating variants. It comes amid a recent uptick in hospitalizations and deaths in the United States ahead of winter that could see threats from three respiratory viruses – coronavirus, flu and respiratory syncytial virus. In today’s episode, we answer some frequently asked questions about the updated Covid-19 vaccines and look at how we should approach the virus nearly more than three years after its emergence.

Guest: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent 

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  1. 1
    nancy neal

    It is not a disease. Cancer is a disease, MS is a disease, Blood disorders are a disease, heart failure is a disease. Covid is a virus, just like the flu and the common cold. Stop playing russian roulette with you immune system.

  2. 2
    Charles Ferdinand

    I remember that CNN kept a counter on their screen displayed literally at all times that counted the number of deaths caused by COVID-19 so far, but the day Joke Briben was installed into office they quietly got rid of the counter haha (obviously they just wanted to attack President Trump by insinuating his handling of the pandemic was catastrophically bad, because they're so politicized and bias they would make Mao Zedong blush 😂)

  3. 6

    Weve had covid through our household twice this summer!! All vaccinated but you can still catch it and its not fun!! Dont laugh this off! Be responsible and considerate of others health needs and stay home, quarentine, mask up if sick!! Common sence measures can keep others from catching it from you and may keep grandma alive❤

  4. 8
    Mark Robinowitz

    “If you are vaccinated, fully vaccinated, the chance of you getting seriously ill or dying from COVID is effectively zero. If you look at the people that are being admitted to hospitals, over 95 percent of them are either not fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all. And so these vaccines are saving lives. They are reducing mortality.”
    — Gov. Ron DeathSantis, July 2021

  5. 10
    James Mazzoni

    Remember guys they tested the vax on 4 rats before rolling out the jabs to billions of people. That's called working at the speed of science. Neil DeGrasse must of been the Quality Control guy.

  6. 12
    Yat Zee

    This is dangerously scary information and perspective given the statistics with vaccine efficacy and side effects. I really hope the general population can think for themselves and take actual data into account. Our pharmaceutical industry is the most corrupt and off brand organization on the planet. There is no level of actual wellness given from our medical professionals. We have amazing emergency medicine but we do zero lifestyle medicine

  7. 16

    Just a reminder: CDC defines "covid hospitalization" as ANY hospitalization with a positive test result … including car crashes, etc.

  8. 18
    Duce Von

    With all these viruses circulating we need to stay updated and get the vaccine because it’s the only way to herd immunity

  9. 19
    Andy Ayala

    Please take the shots!Just do it for your health and for me.

    I just invested $28k in Moderna and Pfizer and need to make my 700%

  10. 25
    Val Kimura

    I'm happy that Sanjay finally learned about natural immunity. Has he learned that ivermectin is more than horse dewormer, yet?

  11. 26
    Sharon Williams

    It's up to you to protect yourselves and talk with your doctors. I listen to my doctor and wear my mask and will be getting the shot for my well being nobody else's

  12. 28
    michael wingfield

    Stop. This interview is the essence of misinformation and propaganda. What is the truth? The drug companies want to scare the hell out of people so they can get money for vaccines. Notice how the interview touches on who pays for the vaccine. Why this segment from CNN? Because they get a cut of the profits. It's how a propaganda bureau operates. Simple. We all got to see how useless the vaccine was. Most people I know that were shot 2-3 times still got sick.

  13. 33
    Mark Campbell

    Aluminum ingestion BSE contaminated food Poliomyelitis anthrax and amoebic infection These have been in massive epidemic proportions after 1997.

  14. 34
    Mark Campbell

    The Salk vaccine is appropriate vaccine for coronavirus covid-19 Polio Mers SARS COV 2. The normal coronavirus vaccine is the injectable Salk vaccine.

  15. 35
    Mark Campbell

    The CDC recommendation is absurd. A coronavirus infection is a lifetime immunity to all variants of coronavirus. People don't have a need for chronic exposure to synthetic spike protein antigen to erode then immune system.
    The vaccines have not been examined as to the contents of the vials and the real danger of the contents. They have not been examined for cells and cell lines or PVC leachate causing myocarditis/ ateriosclerosis. A cell line injection will result in cancer regardless of origin of the cells of the cell lines.

  16. 36
    Mark Campbell

    COVID is the coronavirus and Salk vaccine is the normal vaccine for coronavirus covid-19 Polio pandemics. We are grossly misinformed about vaccines that are obviously dangerous to people trained in medicine. The nurses and doctors refusing vaccinations in hospitals were not allowed to speak or deliver arguments to the supreme court before they imposed vaccinations. The supreme court decisions regarding vaccines were without comment or argument from nrses and doctors.
    These vaccines are frozen cryogenically frozen or refrigerated vaccines that are being handled as if they are handling live cells.

  17. 37
    Sydney Duque

    Blessings Dr GUPTA and company.
    I've been wearing
    MASKS since the early 90's because of pollution and allergies. I STRONGLY Believe we should wear them and that the GOVERNMENT
    By not doing so
    You are killing people. We don't have a right to not PROTECT or TO NOT CARE FOR EACH OTHER .

  18. 43
    K B

    People are so full of $h*t. They don’t trust the vaccine yet they trust all those chemicals and additives in processed foods. 😂

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