DOJ Hunter Biden investigation has clear problems: Rep. Issa

California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa discusses issues at the DOJ and the looming threat of another government shutdown on “Your World.”

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  1. 4
    Julie W.

    DOJ & FBI are covering for Bidens. Garland wastes our time. Citizens' concerns; drug cartels rule the southern BORDER, we witnessed Bobwires were cut by patrol(Mayorkas ordered that)? USA BANKRUPTED with 33 trillion debts, we are NOT World's Bank!!!

  2. 5
    Donna Brija

    Idc shut it down! Until you can close the border and stop giving money to Ukraine! We the people are tired of our money being wasted!

  3. 10
    Steven Wendell Nelson

    Please say the prayer below now, pray the words as you read them if you cannot look and remember them 🙏😊

    "In the Name of Allah—the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
    All praise is for Allah—Lord of all worlds,
    the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,
    Master of the Day of Judgment.
    You ˹alone˺ we worship and You ˹alone˺ we ask for help.
    Guide us along the Straight Path,
    the Path of those You have blessed—not those You are displeased with, or those who are astray.

  4. 11
    Jonathan Sterling

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Republicans need to find a solution other than shutting down the government. Everybody knows they want to shut down the government and yada yada yada, that's why Democrats win the blame game every single time. It's like taking candy from a baby. Democrats are laughing about Republicans planning to shut down the government, again… They love it.

  5. 15

    It doesnt take 5 years to figure out Hunter lied on a federal gun form. Weiss could have had that figured out on day 1 with a few phone calls and charged him on day 2 while still "investigating".
    The "reason" it took 5 years was so the statute would run out on the tax charges for 2014-2015 which would have led the special council to "The Big Guy".
    There's also a "reason" why criminal irs tax agents were told "by someone" not to "ask about the big guy".
    No one seems to known who "the big guy" is, yet, you cant talk or refer to anyone about him as an investigator. Odd isnt it?
    If you dont know who the big guy is, how do you find out without asking q's? 10% was going to him, seems important to an "investigation".
    As a CRIMINAL IRS agent is investigating a case about money/tax crimes, where funneling money though shell companies, emails showing how it'll be distributed, there's a person referred to as "the big guy" who is getting 10% according to evidence, and the "investigators" aren't "allowed" to use that phrase or the word "dad".
    Im just waiting for Rod Serling to come out from behind a curtain with a cigarette letting us all know we're in The Twilight Zone.

  6. 18
    Diane Carpentier

    So some of you are good and most of the Republicans have to ben down. I feel ashamed of the Democrats I don't believe anything that comes out of there mouths.

  7. 19
    Protected ❤️🙏

    Quit blowing the American people’s money on other countries!! We would like a better America for Gods sake, our country is in a huge crisis, use our hard earned money for us, or shut down the government!!!

  8. 20
    David RN

    I watched (part of the video) because I like Issa, but Kavuto is so anti MAGA that I can't watch anything with on it anymore. I only watch snippets of Fox news on You Tube, no more live Fox.

  9. 22
    James Kennedy

    Stop with this bullsh!t about a not going to happen "shutdown"
    Its all political theater. Its impossible for America to default on its debts. RINOs and Demokrauts are pushing the shutdown narrative

  10. 23
    James Kennedy

    Biden is not "president" . The president is supposed to uphold the Constitution and to PROTECT AMERICANS from threats both foreign and domestic. Except that Biden would have to jail himself for being a DICKtator and a TRAITOR to these United States!!!

  11. 25
    Ivan Jr.

    Go right ahead and take your opportunity, you can explain to God Almighty why you tortured and killed his beloved instead of honoring and helping him.

  12. 26

    Howard Stern rips Rep. Lauren Boebert as ‘disgrace to this country’ after ‘Beetlejuice’ grope-date debacle. New York Post, 9/19/23

  13. 27

    Darrell Issa! So according to Issa, its NOT AG Garland's fault thwt Hunter was given a pass??!! Wow! Issa's sgiwing his RINO side. Issa also supports that snake in the grass McCarthy.
    McCarthy says he'll do EVERYTHING they can to keep the govt open. Does that mean ROLLING OVER AGAIN?!

  14. 28
    Dave C

    So the GOP is all bent that the DOJ couldn't find any crimes the "Biden Crime Family" committed, nor can they prove there was any influencing of the investigation so now there are "serious problems" with it. How many MILLIONS OF TAXPAYER dollars are these GOP clowns costing us with this dog and pony show while a shutdown is looming? Seems to me the GOP is more concerned about its little petty revenge schemes than doing a goddamned thing for the American people

  15. 31
    John Wobma

    Here's a thought and I believe worthy of consideration. Shut the government down for at least thirty days! Take all payroll that each government employee would ordinarily receive and put it towards paying down the national debt which is outrageous regarding the amount of debt we as U.S. taxpayer's are facing! That is just one cog in the gears! There's more to follow! Stay tuned!

  16. 33
    Michael Stuple

    Ag garland is to old to handle all the work he is assigned too , he should be fired for not doing his job… or impeached or jailed for treason with the president joe biden

  17. 35

    AG Garland impunes himself by playing Pontius Pilate. This preposterous position means that abuse of process times out with no remedy. Garland's reputation – and trust in the office will be forever tarnished.

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