Dems’ push to block Trump from state ballots is a ‘joke’: Marc Lotter #shorts

America First Policy Institute’s Marc Lotter joined ‘The Evening Edit’ to discuss Democrats’ growing push to block former President Trump from state ballots. #foxbusiness

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  1. 19
    Douglas Howard

    And remember, when Putin came to visit Trump in our White House, and he stood up for Putin over his own government, and said he believes Putin over his own government on national TV what a disgrace and a shame 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  2. 21
    Douglas Howard

    He shouldn’t be running for president in the first place. He should be in jail for all of his criminal activity. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  3. 23
    T B

    That’s what it all comes down too. They are trying to take away the right of Americans to elect there own leaders. Treasonous. They did it with mail in ballots that can’t be verified. The reason the stopped the count fir the first time in the history of elections because they had to see the real count and add enough the “mail ins” to give Biden win. Listen to Ken Paxton on Tucker. He said that’s how they did it. He won 12 cases before Texas RINOS stopped him.

  4. 25
    Ronald Beck

    The supreme court should have already stepped in,but its a lot of democrats,crooks ,liars!!!!!!!!i I sm voting for President Trump only!!!!!!!!!

  5. 29

    Well as far as I've seen and gone through the Constitution and apparently even though no one state of America is and has or able to have a stronger more of a higher authority than the federal government yet here it is the country "people that are abusing their authority" have yet to step in and are tryin to say that this "LAW" in Georgia has more of a power to jail trump even though the federal courts had already said they didn't have a trial against trump just like jan. 6th when the government tried to charge trump with BS and found out quickly they couldn't do nothing to trump which is why the feds are letting Georgia abuse their power

  6. 30

    A former Trump assistant accusing others to "take away the people's right to vote".
    That's rich. 😂
    Not to mention he apparently didn't read the 14th amendment, but probably stopped at the 2nd, like all MAGAs.

  7. 34
    Bobbi C

    they’re trying everything in their evil communist democrat book to stop him from runnng. Which makes me more sure I’ll vote for him!

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