‘Dangerous for America’: Warren slams GOP enabling Tuberville to block critical military promotions

Senate Republicans enabling Sen. Tommy Tuberville to block critical military promotions is slammed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. “They’ve gone along with it. They’ve looked the other way when they’ve been asked about it,” Sen. Warren tells Joy Reid. “They’ve mumbled and fumbled and let Senator Tuberville continue to inflict growing trouble and pain on our national defense.”
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Add yours
  1. 4
    Oscar LeBron

    My theory is this; when President Biden decided to keep NORAD in Colorado when trump wanted to move it to Alabama this may have ticked Tupperware off! He has taken it personal and now using the military as political pawns

  2. 6
    Marilyn Goldie

    Arrogance at the highest level of the maga GOP. Tuberville needs to be censured or what ever is the highest punishment can be given to him and his enablers.

  3. 7
    Diana Jackson

    We the elderly people have noticed that this one republican man that have the same look on his face that majorie Taylor green have and jim Jordan have and trump have is so what

  4. 10
    Nina Blackwell

    I generally like Warren except when it comes to how FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) has targeted and terrorised normal Americans permanently living overseas. She needs to open her eyes.

  5. 14
    Allen C.

    When will the sane people stop sitting on the couch and gets up to take action with their feet by going to the polls and voting out the traitors masquerading as loyal Americans. This is not the time to sit on the fence. The populist fringe that's propelled by fake Christianity and false superiority are only given fuel by our apathy and unwillingness to confront them with our vote. Vote blue no matter who to defeat the fascist ideals they embrace and return sanity to country and values as democracy loving citizens.

  6. 16
    Jean Fitzsimmons

    The “Republican” Party have shown themselves either dyed in the wool cowards in their pandering to Trump and his coconspirators insane and criminal behavior, or they are traitors to the nation, cheerfully participating in the crumbling of our nation in collusion with Trump and foreign operatives. Or both. Take your pick.

  7. 17
    nairb navonod

    What a tosser Tuberville is, he is one of the worst of the mad MAGA Trump cult destroying the credibility of USA politics. Americans will suffer from the crazy actions of these lunatics.

  8. 19
    James H Roberts

    We need to stop paying Republicans in the house maybe they will do the right thing. If they don't we should just fire them all we do not need them at all

  9. 26
    Samus Knight

    I hate to say it but allowing the government to shut down might be the wake up call Americans need to realize that most in the Republican party don't care about them. That they're willing to go to the extent of shutting down the government just to try and prevent investigations into crimes allegedly committed by a former president. They're willing to stand by their guy rather than put America first like their party loves to claim.

  10. 31

    His cult leader Trump is pulling his Puppet strings so he can call on his Fascist cult members in the Military to foment a Military Coup to put Trump in as a Dictator of America

  11. 32
    William Barger

    The rats are out for one thing and is to put trump over country and our Military readiness. tuberville is proof of that. They think they can protect trump from himself. Good luck with that. At this point it would be easier to prove what traitor trump hasn't done.

  12. 33

    Just start promoting them, kick little Tommy T's soapbox out from underneath him. Come on man you got the weekend off…

  13. 34
    Hartwell Crim

    it's clear they are doing this to create vacancies to be fill by Republican/Trump sycophants who will assist them if they need a militarized coup or to declare martial law.

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