‘Clown show’: GOP lawmaker shreds ‘stupidity’ of MAGA wing

GOP Rep. Mike Lawler, R-NY, criticized members of his own party on Tuesday for blocking debate on the party’s defense spending bill.

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‘Clown show’: GOP lawmaker shreds ‘stupidity’ of MAGA wing

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  1. 3
    Tracy Engelke

    Children, voted into office by gop supporters, are acting as children, but putting every citizen at risk. Actual children aged boys and girls can do their job better because they want the country to be better because of their actions and choices.

  2. 8
    Brian persinger

    Biden’s crime family is a joke 😂 Biden for life in prison 💯 wake up Americans illegal migrants are stealing our country, jobs and land ! Send them all back 💯🗽🇺🇸💪💪🏽💪🏾

  3. 9
    Eve Guerra

    Trump harassed Mcarthy to pay trumps bills before he lets mcarthy open the federal reserve.all this is all trumps and Mcarthy s fault.face it trump said it after the big speech.

  4. 13

    Why don't you do a story on how Donald Trump just ordered Congress to hold our government hostage unless they get to obstruct justice on his behalf and their attempting to do it. That is treason plain treason. A man that is going to court for an attempted coup is actively threatening to shut down our government by using unindicted co-conspirators in his political movement to obstruct justice impeach our president with zero evidence and directly aid Russia. He's calling for it on truth social right now. He should be court martialed and put in prison until his trial is over and not just him. Jim Jordan and the rest of them too. They're threatening judges lying making a mockery of justice. They need to be held accountable. Were under attack by a terorrist group

  5. 14
    Greg Greg

    Joe "balancing the budget"
    Sigh another round of someone not understanding how government tax/spend works
    Every Dollar you spend or cut has an economic multiplier, if that multiplier is greater than 1 you get > 1$ back in additional generated tax

    Build a bridge in the right place it could save a companies 1000's of $ in transport costs bringing down prices generating an economic multiplier of > 3 or even 4

    By the way tax cuts have a average multiplier of 0.2 for every $ you cut you generate 20c for a net gain of -80c

  6. 18
    Slims Shady

    About time that ordinary GOP lawmakers started speaking out against their nutjob wing. Next step is to work with the Democrats and taking away this small wings power and show people that Republicans can govern and not just grandstand.

  7. 19
    john bannister

    At long last recognition of the state of the lost nation "in the age of trump". With the politics of denials, you Americans still expect some semblance of mature, reasoned, consensus and positivity? No chance, with the reins in the hands of charlatans and madmen. Senator Whitehouse can expose only so much of the ills besetting the country, but if the selfish greed of the manipulators is not dealt with by resolute action then the current path of destruction is inevitable. Everyone is to blame.

  8. 20

    These Republican clowns are influencers posing as politicians. The lowest of the low, and people have actually voted for them.

  9. 23
    Tessmage Tessera

    The GOP is slowly disintegrating. I'm loving it. We saw this coming all the way back to the time of the Tea Party loonies. The entire GOP has been unraveling ever since the Reagan years.

  10. 27
    Tiffany Shanley

    Oh are the Republicans finally realizing that there are monsters in their party? We tried telling them. Did it take Romney to warn them that they now listen?

  11. 34

    Finally….republicans calling it A CLOWN SHOW…..do not vote to continue the maga circus if you wish to retain the ability to vote

  12. 38
    Tom W

    Let’s be honest here. Can America keep up with this madness of spending? We are spending our future generation’s money and opportunities

  13. 41
    Scott Bigler

    Still trying to divide the GOP… not going to work MSDNC, why not cover the Biden impeachment inquiry like you cover Trump and the GOP. 😉

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