Climate protesters arrested in NYC founder Steve Milloy discusses climate protesters in New York City calling for an end to fossil fuels on ‘The Bottom Line.’ #foxbusiness #thebottomline

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  1. 5
    richard berdan

    AOC and het supporters should offer their own bodiie as a sacrifice to reduce climate emissions! World could really improve!!! Let them put their bodies where their mouth is.! Climate had changed from the day God cteated the earth. What makes these crazzies think they can control God!! God controls the climate not man! You can take every man off the earth and the climate would still change.. The earth would still have fires, tordanos, flooding and all these idiots worst fears would still be there. How can people be so blind a d so dumb@@

  2. 7

    The oil companies have to start playing hardball….the only thing people understand is pain….stop producing oil for California for a week….and I guarantee this problem will go away….

  3. 8
    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    The irony of those 'native americans' there parading and preaching is pathetic…how did they travel there?..plane, motor vehicle, have cell phones and modern tech and where they live modern homes created down the line by use of fossil fuels.didnt just come from the woods….NONE live off the land and survive from hunting/fishing surviving like real native americans use to

  4. 13
    Heather Baker

    Do they stop and think that millions of products are derived from fossil fuel everything from clothing to cell phones, so what do they propose we use as a substitute.

  5. 16

    Literally every single video on YouTube seems like it has a “context” attached to it now. Oh yes, I totally trust Wikipedia for my information. That site would’ve gone under by now if it weren’t being propped up by the left.

  6. 27
    Eduardo King

    Isn't it ridiculously insane, when while ALL of these Dishonest and Hardcore Hypocrite DemocRATS "furiously fight" to 'Save" the planet chanting for the End of Oil (in America, that is), they ALL are gleefully in favor TO IMPORT ALL of the Oil Necessary from Arab countries?!

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