China is a ticking time bomb, author warns

Population Research Institute President Steven Mosher on the political and economic mismanagement that is affecting China

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  1. 1
    Braudy Gonzalez

    China DO NOT want to go to war with the US, just stupid and paranoid people think that, they are going to recover what belongs to them, China is not a Threat, We are a threat for them because we want to intervene in their internal affairs in one of its provinces (Taiwan), I don’t support US imperialism by Democrats or Republicans.

  2. 5
    mystical wind

    The side that has this very sick obsession about the East Asian nation that is based on deeply delusional thoughts and pure hubris will be their undoing.

  3. 7

    The United States and Japan are waging war against China with anti-human means.
    Background of the "BlackRock" Group of JPMorgan Chase in the U.S:
    the Rockefeller family is one of the core of the U.S. Federal Reserve (FED) — the loyal agent of the Rothschild family; the Chase Bank under the Rockefeller family, the Morgan Corporation of the Morgan family, and the Robert Fleming & Co. , The three merged to form the "JPMorgan Chase" company. JPMorgan Chase's "Pioneer Investment" Group is the largest shareholder of the "BlackRock" group. "When the European pyramid was built, at the top was BlackRock." It manages the FED's bond purchase program and directly operates one of the FED's most important monetary and credit policy tools.

    In May 2023,the "BlackRock" group has not long ago taken advantage of the Russia-Ukraine dispute to acquire major assets in Ukraine, such as: energy company Ukrnafta, oil product producers Ukrtatnafta, aircraft engine manufacturer Motor Sich, automobile company AvtoKrAZ, power transformer equipment Zaporizhtransformator, ports, railways, black land, state-owned enterprises, national grid, and even the right to mint currency, issue rights, and tax revenue. Knock the bone and suck the marrow.

    In June 2023, JPMorgan Chase manipulated public opinion in an attempt to short Country Garden by creating panic, and then hoped to trigger turmoil in China's financial market… Judging from the historical data of Country Garden's financial statements, Country Garden's assets are healthy, and Saudi Arabia's capital has entered the market and is assisting Country Garden in defeating JPMorgan Chase.

    In August 2023, JPMorgan Chase's "Pioneer Investment" Group and "BlackRock" group suddenly appeared on the shareholder list of Tokyo Electric Power in Japan and immediately became the largest shareholder. Afterwards, Tokyo Electric Power began to discharge nuclear sewage into the ocean.

    On August 26, Japan's TBS TV station reported that Japan's Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) admitted that more than 60% of the currently stored nuclear sewage contains radioactive materials that exceed standards. Currently, Fukushima does not even have a specific plan for emissions, including the progress of sewage discharge.

    Will you stay away from seafood in the future life?

    Where are all the activists. Leonardo DiCaprio. Greta. … Green Peace ?? Where are they ?

    Not long ago, the US ambassador to Japan once performed to the world to eat seafood from Fukushima, but the truth is: In the first half of 2023, the United States was the country that reduced imports of Japanese agricultural, forestry, and aquatic products the most.

    In the global ranking of per capita water resources, China ranks 121st and is one of the 13 countries with the poorest per capita water resources in the world. Of the total water consumption, 65% is used for agricultural production, 23% for industrial use, and 12% for human consumption. The scarcity of water resources will directly affect China's agriculture and food security.

    Japan's actions are a clear act of poisoning, using biological and chemical weapons to pollute the water resources of China and the region.

    The top 8 countries in terms of per capita water consumption globally are almost all China's neighboring countries: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, the United States, and Afghanistan.

    It can be seen that the pollution of water resources by the United States and Japan in this region is also intended to trigger a war on water resources in the region. Japan claims that it will continue to discharge nuclear wastewater for 30 consecutive years.

    A few years ago, U.S. Vice President Harris Jinli said: The wars launched by the United States in the past were for oil, and the next war will be for water resources.

    BTW, in the global ranking of water resources, Brazil ranks 1st, Russia ranks 2nd, the United States ranks 3rd, Canada ranks 5th, and India ranks 8th.

    In fact, many years ago, China was already preparing to avoid water resource risks, and currently has the ability to protect itself in terms of water supply.

    Next, the United States and Japan will surely pay the price for their anti human crimes of polluting water resources!

  4. 8
    Fan Wang

    Well more I look into this video more I believe the guy on the right was paid by the Chinese CCP to mislead and fool the Americans.

  5. 9
    Fan Wang

    I bet both of them never been to China. There are tons tons people in China the streets are so crowded at the level Americans never seen in their country. Most Chinese actually agreed they don't need so many people in the country. If the US wants that much population for its "economy" growth be my guess, just release the boarder and you will have all the economy boom you asking for.

  6. 10
    johnny llooddte

    only 100 million chinese were ever allowed to work in cities.. thats finished and collapsing.. 1.5 BILLION chinese have always worked in rice paddies on less than a dollar a day..
    below the poverty level.. below starvation levels..
    thats chinas leaders fault.. china is history.. they have NEVER won a war on the seas and never will

  7. 17
    Benn Waters

    Seen this before with Japan. The EU are next followed by the UK and US. In hind-site we should have never bailed out the dirty banks in 2008.

  8. 21

    Gen z and millennias in the USA are choosing to not have children or delaying due to the economy so we may have the same problem but looking at the mirror is hard but talking about others is easy.

  9. 23

    Wow wow thanks to china one childs policy if 400 millions children born china population will be 1.8 billions people today and global warming will sink hawaii island

  10. 27
    James Waldrop

    Can you imagine President Xi sending dudes out to apartment blocks bellowing out "okay ladies and gents get mounted." The Chinese go balls out on Crisis Managment. Never half cocked."

  11. 28
    Xander Xu

    Great propaganda Fox! How about America look after its Homelessness and drug epidemic first before concerning yourself with China 😂

  12. 30
    FPS Headshot

    Australia should stop Chinese born ticking bombs from entering the country.
    They are the worst kind of people and so deceptive with evil.
    They bring there hate when they leave China.

  13. 31

    A few weeks ago they were talking about China's economy collapsing, now they are saying China's economy "could" possibly collapse. They just keep changing their minds.

  14. 33
    Winston Smith

    New estimates suggest that global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and cement have hit a record high of 36.6 billion tonnes this year. CO2
    Humans released 2.95 billions tons per year. CO2.

  15. 34
    Winston Smith

    No people being born!?! That’s a joke, Chinas one of the most populous Countries in the World. Maybe India and China should duke it out in a War, that will trim the population, besides a Total Population of India and China = 2.86 billion people. World population 8.1 billion people.

  16. 37

    They want to kidnap the women and children of other countries so they can make more Chinese babies… like Russia kidnapping Ukrainian children and indoctrinating those children with Russian propaganda and culture.

  17. 38
    Jessy Leodyn

    When one looks at it honestly, the problems in China are similar to the problems in USA or Europe. China did have a one child policy when it did not want its population to grow too fast, ie when China was poor. But this policy was cancelled in 2015.
    USA and Europe have the same problem (population getting old and young generations refusing to start families and get children) for different reasons, but the problem is the same. Over spending and debts ? USA and Europe have the same problem, far worse because their economies are in bad shape and inflation is very high. USA and Europe are also hit with a rise of insecurity and crime.
    China might suffer if the economic crisis in Europe and USA translate into less consumption, which explains why China is enhancing its ties with the non occidental world (expansion of Brics, economic ties with Africa and Middle East, South America, etc…). Will it be sufficient ? Time will tell.
    Everything that was said in this interview applies to USA and Europe as well as to China. Different reasons of course, but same results.

  18. 42
    Hangin with Kev

    Even one world power going down will drag everyone down, and from what I see out of our current leadership, that is what they hope will happen. If you can't see it, then at least review history and be prepared for your world to change. It's not an if, but a when! Ever read Revelations?

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