Charles Payne: Americans may find this odd

FOX Business hosts Charles Payne and Kennedy react to President Biden’s United Nations speech ‘Making Money.’

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  1. 6

    With the 2,200 they're giving each invader, and what they give you Ukraine we could have helped Maui and given AMERICANS a stimulus check. That would have helped the economy. Woulda, coulda, should have

  2. 7
    Jackie Chappell

    We're not broke. We just dont know where the gazillion of dollars are going. These officials are so greedy Blank cks going to everybody except the Americans

  3. 10
    Bobby B.

    Left should just split off with their Blue States and Cities – It seems to be Inevitable? They’ve gone so far off the rails – they’ll Never come back ? Will be tough on Moderate ( semi-normal) history respecting Dems ? 😢

  4. 12
    John Scott

    Seems like every month the Ukraine President is begging for more money and support? Personally, I would like more transparency on how this war is actual going? Seems like we have a media blackout on coverage. Do we have another endless war by design?

  5. 13
    Jeremy mireles

    3 out of 4 Americans believe government and state are not for the people,then we are enslaved by tax,and need to stop paying tax to them till they start helping the people and stop the corruption

  6. 15
    Gloger From Miami

    If we have so many taxpayer dollars to give away, we should pay off our own debt first so the country doesn't go bankrupt! Always a pleasure to watch your show, Mr. Payne.

  7. 18
    Mike O'Neill

    As long as you refer to them as “migrants”, “refugees” or “asylum-seekers” the longer it will take to realise the problem and arrive at an effective solution.

  8. 21
    Kelam Kelaya

    Most people think that investing in cryptocurrencies is just buying and holding until it rises,but the best investments on cryptocurrency is by putting it on trading or mining them and Stock trading

  9. 24
    Kgb Kgb

    We can have unity without having government without having some social ruler ruling over us telling us what to do like some democracy or something like some group of people trying to rule over people I don't want no group of people telling me what to do I found unity in my subdivision what we need is cooperative commutative efforts we don't need police officers or social government telling us to go get a JOB or go to the school indoctrinations.
    That city that the slaves built is Babylon we need to get back in the garden

  10. 25
    April Fox

    Biden decline is increasingly rapid. These bouts of decline will continue and in less than 12 months he will not be able to walk or talk. Reality can be harsh.

  11. 30
    Brian Blanke

    Well, Joe said he's going to "bring the USA back together" and he's done the exact opposite.
    So does this mean he's going to do the same for the whole world ?
    Here comes WW3

  12. 31
    You’re still here?

    Global unity. Pastor Spencer Smith was preaching, and he made a wonderful statement about the Lord, our living God Jesus Christ. He said that our holy living God Jesus Christ is the divider. The devil is the uniter. That has stuck with me and now I’m seeing it for exactly what it is.

  13. 35
    Pony Girl

    odd? no predictable. The UN generally assembly is and has always been a joke.Shut it down. Disbanned these so called leaders sitting around applauding themselves as the masters of the universe. Turn the UN building into middl income housing. Get rid of this joke.

  14. 39

    Nations are always divided. I wonder what portion of the aid Ukraine receives that the generals skim for themselves, just sayin'.

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