Burning Books: The latest front in the GOP’s war on free speech

As some Republicans vow to bring flamethrowers to their latest culture war, Mehdi asks: “If this is what they want to do to books that they disagree with, how do you think they will treat the people that they disagree with?”

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Add yours
  1. 2

    When they start burning books.
    Then you really have to be ready to defend your rights and the rights of others.
    Burning books is the start of a dictatorship.
    They s… on graves of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives in the defense of free speech and democracy

  2. 3
    Wanda Way

    Flame throwers? Looks like folks with toys who found an excuse to use them. Another tool of destruction to play with. Americans are nuts.

  3. 5
    David Funke

    The Republican's intelligence, is overhelming the Crowd of Republican's, wishing for the Facsist of the UNITED STATES.
    They need a rest, of Ten to 22 years, rest. They need a long nap. Cranky, and Dtupid, is no way to go theough life. Look what it did to Don Trump.

  4. 7

    I was attacked by an elk, or rather my vw beetle was attacked by an elk leaving cripple Creek in the fall. It destroyed the left side of the car. Wildlife guy said they act crazy in mating season! 😮

  5. 9
    Douglas wheatley

    Not as bad as the DEMONCRATS burning BIBLES and our CONSTITUTION. A bunch of HEATHENS trying to inflict their own miserable lives on the rest of AMERICANS that just want the Government out of our lives.

  6. 13
    Beatrice Portinari

    It would be interesting to compare…these book burning GOP idiots come from Missouri..where does Missouri stand when it comes to education, health care, uneployment…it seems to me that senators and congressmen from those states want to keep their voters uneducated, poor and deep into conspiracy theories because, if they knew better, politicians like MTG and her ilk wouldn't stand a chance.

  7. 17
    James L

    Now we’ll ban books
    And ban abortion
    And make healthcare unaffordable for millions of people
    And burn books!!

  8. 18

    The Confederacy Were Burning Slavery Abolishing Books and We just hear about it Now?! Too many Liberals aren't being Honest about what we are dealing with.
    Again this isn't "Maga" it's RADICALIZED FAR-RIGHT EXTREMISM…

  9. 20

    Mehdi is one of the FEW US journalists who can not only call out stupidity and hypocrisy, but make a solid case while doing so.

  10. 23
    J.B. MacAdam

    The hypocrisy of the MAGA GOP cult knows no bounds! The only things missing from that book burning were the swastikas and the brown shirts!

  11. 24
    Trace 23

    The first step in every fascistic reign is stoking fear in your followers (while projecting strength)
    The second is, removing any literature that says anything that you disagree with.
    The third is removing the PEOPLE that "don't fit in.".😡

    Don't be fooled (you very likely "don't fit in")🤨
    Freedom isn't FREE 🇺🇸
    Every freedom was gained only with the struggles and sacrifices (including the deaths) of people that were much better people, than YOU will ever be.
    But they STILL fought and died for YOUR FREEDOMS 🇺🇸

    "There are those, that out of fear, will trade their Freedoms for Promised Securities. In the end, they will Have Neither, and Deserve Neither"

  12. 25
    Nav Dhillon

    History has always looked down upon those who burn books. The ego and belief of these so called Christians is so fragile it would be funny if the intelligence of the next generation was not on the line.

  13. 31
    Greg Goodman

    Republicans seem to have NO CLUE that they are acting exactly like every autocratic, oppressive dystopian political body ever written about in fiction. I guess we shouldn't be surprised since they are busy burning books instead of reading them.

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