Bryan Cranston on “hopeful” development in writers’ and actors’ strikes

Actor Bryan Cranston speaks with CNN’s Jake Tapper ahead of talks restarting between the Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). #CNN #News

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    Jan Sean

    It’s hard to tell who cares less about the working class in film and television. AMPTP, WGA, or SAG. They represent the most elite groups in Hollywood. All whining about how much the other ones make. While thousands of production workers and their families go broke. Their “union solidarity” trumpet is a hollow ploy, considering not a word of public support was spoken in 2021 when 96% of the unions in the IATSE voted to strike against 12 hour work days with no double time and shrinking healthcare coverage.

  2. 4
    Joseph Merritt

    C'mon man, Americans want to hear about the Impeachment Inquiry about Joe Biden. What about the 2 dozen shell companies set up to launder money from foreign governments and companies. How compromised is Joe Biden? Why was he selling access to the White House? Is he guilty of abuse of power or sedition against America?

  3. 5
    Adamphibia Kalboonchuy

    I think this is why nobody except Roku has streaming rights to 2 Broke Girls anymore. Either the creators of 2 Broke Girls do not trust any streaming services to skimp out on residual payments like they already get from TBS and DVD sales, or Appletv+, Amazon prime and even WB's own streaming service HBOmax saved themselves that trouble by not buying another streaming license. Sadly, because we are talking about HBOmax here, it does not surprise me to see that streaming service not keep any of its biggest hits on the streamline, even if they are streaming originals. That is how we lost the movies Batgirl, Driftwood and Scoob: Holiday Haunt before they even went public. 😢 September 18, 2023, 5:35pm

  4. 10
    Double Seven

    "AI" is NOT "intelligent" it's automatiion – BIG fn difference. You CANNOT have automation of the ARTS for God's sake without harming HUMANS and ART. Duh. There is NO "negotiating" with terror, which AI is to humanity.

  5. 17
    Tibore Goldberger

    Reality check Joe Biden highest inflation in America in 80 years have destroyed the savings account of the union labor force and the working class people by 50% or more the working classes and union workers are learning now 50% less under the Democratic party Joe Biden economy plan with the highest inflation in America in 80 years America the homeless population has doubled unemployment figures are one of the highest just like the food prices in America shelter have doubled in price under the Democratic party economy plan 0:26

  6. 19
    brian d

    What if a show/film ends up being a flop and costs more than it made. Does that mean the actor pays to call over the loss?

  7. 23

    Actors need to realize we don’t give a fuck !!!! Ur already rich so join the queue and come make $20 an hour like majority of Americans

  8. 25

    Maybe if The Hollywood Royals will accept Jesus of Nazareth our Messiah the strike will end and then we can go on working. Right?

  9. 26

    All those ppl protesting shld create their own platform instead of protesting. Respect your competitor bc one day you might be in their shoes.

  10. 31

    If two White teens stole a car in Las Vegas, used it to force another car to crash, then deliberately ran over a 64-year old black man out for a morning bike ride, it would a leading news story on every news station and talk show… Alas, surprise, surprise, they weren't White.

    This is black privilege.

  11. 33
    T. R. Campbell

    We wonder why all of this is happening? The movie, television and production company CEOs and CFOs are generally all progressives. The writers, for the most part are progressives, so why do these movie and TV big shots want to keep all of the profits away from the writers and other individuals who make these programs and movies possible? As progressives we must set the standard. The movie in television CEOs are acting like Republicans.

  12. 34
    Stephen Hosmer

    We NEED the democratic socialism we can see has turned Scandinavia into the top-notch nations of the world for nearly all who live in those blessed lands. America is quickly becoming a rancid, rotting cesspool of billionaires and beggars, chaos and calamity, homicide and hunger, madness and mayhem, drug overdoses and a do-nothing Republican party. NOTHING to be proud of really.

  13. 36
    Tibore Goldberger

    Olegars millionaires billionaires Hollywood movie industry Network television Olegars millionaires billionaires Democrats Union Hollywood movie industries Olegars millionaires billionaires Racist anti-Semitic Anti-semites bigots Hollywood movie industries Olegars millionaires billionaires Network television

  14. 39

    Full-time jobs turn to part-time jobs.
    Pension jobs turn to 401k jobs.
    Manufacturing jobs disappear.
    Employees can't pay their health insurance premium.
    Child care costs too much.
    Forget about paying rent.

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