BLACK SWAN EVENT?: Fmr Fed president lays out market risks of Middle East war

Former St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard addresses concerns over rising interest rates on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast.’ #foxbusiness #cavuto

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  1. 10

    It's been almost 700k job losses Since June the fvck is the Biden administration doing and talking about. 3 wars stable economy Noo ⬛️🦢

  2. 11

    2 wars around the world that US could have avoided had we had the right leadership in the White House. Meanwhile our country is being invaded daily, our citizens can’t afford rent, many are himeless — these so called experts are clueless.

  3. 15

    Economy reaccelerated? Tell that to my 401k and my limited income. Bidens admin is breaking the American middle class. We're accelerating DOWNHILL fast.

  4. 16

    It's already too late for it to be a black swan event. Black swan events arise from unexpected, unpredicted circumstances that burst upon an unsuspecting world.

  5. 17

    Acapulco had a hurricane.
    We all know what a tornado does.
    When the tip of a touches down.
    Take the tornado. And turn it outside down, and that's your interest rate. Going up the funnel is sucking out the people money.

  6. 22

    Leave in only food and energy and inflation is at 6%(re L Kudlow). All this talk about inflation being “down” is just what WallStreet wants because they don’t care about Main street.

  7. 25

    The way it really works:
    The Dirty politicians work with the Dirty bankers to overspend our money, then we have to suffer paying the higher prices it causes while those 'at the top' reap the huge benefits of money already spent and captured by them…

  8. 28

    Ripple board member and former 43rd US Treasurer: Rosie Rios = 463 = The Storm = Hidden in Plain Sight. 🌹 💵 Rosie is literally on the money. 😉

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