Biden wishes Republicans ‘lots of luck’ to impeach him

Sen. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., on Congress’ continuing resolution, the ongoing UAW strikes and the future of a Biden impeachment inquiry. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 3
    Jim Rodgers

    They already make way more than they should! They are unskilled labor! There is no way there is 60,000. In materials in the cars. Abolish the union and let's get prices back down to earth!

  2. 6
    Superman Resop

    Joe Biden sits here saying good luck on impeaching him is that because he has something worked out with China and Russia when the government goes into a shutdown China and Russia are trying to find ways to overpower the United States so is that why Joe Biden saying that cuz he's not afraid cuz it'll kick off the war and then they'll just sign a peace treaty and then renegotiate the Constitution in the surrender is that why Joe Biden's not worried about it because he already has it all plotted out with China and Russia seeing how they've been working on this plan for decades with tipping the scale of power Joe Biden sold-out America he needs to be impeached and then in prison

  3. 10
    Pedro Mac

    that's funny.. he offers $700 to Maui with a smirk but holds closed door sit downs with Ukraine spitting billions? not your money Joe.

  4. 12
    Edward Aguilar

    Check it out, Maria
    These addicted Politicians need to know there's consequences for out of control spending…
    Disciplined spending is not Rocket Science…
    This wreckless spending is leading us into a Nuclear Strike somewhere on this Planet???

  5. 18
    Don Kloos

    * How about just shutting down the DOJ?
    * UAW: They vote for Democrats and can realize the resulting inflationary policies they created. Trump come in and help!
    * Mandates for electric cars is hideous. We converted from horse and buggy to automobile because the market selected it.
    * The audacity of Joe Biden and his resulting arrogance will be exposed.

  6. 23
    William Kelly

    And I believe that if the government shuts down the people of the government to not get paid and lose that money completely, and cannot get it back, like all the senators and all the cameras, and in fact, the president, all the people on the top level of the government should not be paid a penny, and should not be allowed to recover the money after the shut down is over and they should still have to go to work and do their job without pay.

  7. 25
    William Kelly

    You’re right, Joe Biden is probably laughing at that indictment because he knows the Republicans are all a bunch of pussies when it comes to really crushing their enemy and the enemy of the people

  8. 29
    Andrew McKenzie

    For someone who supposedly has so much political experience this is a pretty dumb statement and shows over complacency. While I don't doubt it'll be very difficult to break Democrat party discipline however if Democrat Senators feel that Biden staying in office despite corruption charges against him is a liability to their own re-election they will seriously consider voting guilty.

  9. 30

    Yea shutting down the worthless government is a option. Nobody surving this 💩 except the worthless government and foreign countries!

  10. 34
    Larry Thomas

    He will be impeached or this would be a perfect opportunity for Trump to send in the military arrest of Peace of s*** Biden entire cabinet Camilla Harris and every piece of s*** Democrat involved don't be trying at Guantanamo Bay and removed

  11. 36
    Mike Persico

    And Biden is right with that . Biden has been a thief all his life . With the DOJ and the FBI in his pocket nothing will ever come out of impeachment or any other allegations against him . ONLY Trump will be able to find Biden's weak point and shut him down !! I pray to God that Trump will be able to put Biden and most of his administration in jail where they belong !!!!!!!!

  12. 37
    Tim Green

    Impeachment (indictment) is one thing. Being convicted by the Senate, is quite another. You won't get 60 votes in the Senate to convict him.

  13. 38
    Jayme Powell

    When you have God mr. Biden you don't need luck Glory Hallelujah in Jesus mighty name 🙏🙏🙏 oh taste God and see that he is good you'll be so grateful that you did Hallelujah

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