Biden set to join UAW picket line in Michigan

President Biden is set to join striking auto workers on the picket lines Tuesday in Michigan.

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Biden set to join UAW picket line in Michigan

#JoeBiden #UAW #Strike

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  1. 1

    Biden spent a total of 87 seconds with them in support before having to be wrangled back up the short steps to keep him from wandering "into the light". Also, 87 seconds is a new record for a democrat being able to pretend to support something other than themselves.

  2. 4

    Biden is the worst corrupt President ever and the Leftist media ignores his doddering and lies. MSNBC hates America.

  3. 11
    peter hompot

    Trump announced going there 1st lol now this clown Biden is flying over there burning more gas to do lip service!
    His anti-oil policies lead to this with high inflation rates and cost increases. This strike would NOT be happening if the cost for gas and diesel was lower like the Trump presidency and many other presidents.

  4. 12
    Mr. Hand

    Joe Biden supports the working man. We know that because:
    He's working hard to eliminate the very vehicles that the UAW produces. Electric vehicles will require 40% less employees to assemble, so many of these UAW workers will be let go.
    His policies have produced record high inflation, making our paychecks less valuable.
    He's given us 5 dollar a gallon gasoline.
    Electricity prices have spiked under Biden, costing us more to heat our homes, power our homes, and charge those crappy EVs that He's forcing us to buy.
    Yea…Joe cares about the working man. Don't pay attention to his actions…just believe him when he tells you.

  5. 13
    Bill Ahler

    This not smart for Biden to get involved imo. He should say something to the effect of supporting both side in coming to an agreement. Any agreement must work for both sides. Any lopsided agreement will hurt the workers or the company and the economy. UAW workers already have the best pay, work life and benefits in the industry. Not saying thats bad.

  6. 15
    dewayne walker

    "Hi folks, sorry my policies forcing EVs on society has backfired. Car companies are loosing money on EVs and you will be laid off as it takes less labor to produce these EVs. But I wanted to be consistent with everything I do being crap for America."

  7. 17
    C.G. Maat

    GREAT GOOD JOBS UNION JOE OVER CORP GREED! The other running for our high office is a GREAT HOAX- destroying america with hate and violence and bullying ALL OF US – taking even our economy hostage by a few 118 house puppets . He has committed all these crimes in our face- why would any one VOTE RED? He WILL DO IT AGAIN : GRAB, LIE, OBSTRUCT like he did with BARR, JUST TO GET OUT OF JAIL ! ENOUGH OF THIS VILE AGENT ORANGE OF MASS DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN DECENCY and that small other 118 HOUSE MINORITY! VOTE BLUE! MAKE AMERICA HEAL AND KIND! GOOD TRUE BEAUTIFUL! STOP THE GREAT TRUMP HOAX!

  8. 26

    They won't even tell you what plant he will be at because they know protestors will show up screaming FJB so they won't get any usable audio or video for his PR media coverage..

  9. 30

    Auto workers need to understand that Biden's push for electric vehicles which will put many of them out of work!

  10. 32

    How will siding with the striking employees against the big three automakers help the 401K of the average American?

  11. 33
    Giselle Young

    I dc what people think about “sleepy joe” etc, I think President Biden is an amazing president & will go down in history as one of the greats! ❤

  12. 38
    T. R. Campbell

    He is going to call attention to the fact that this is all happening under the Biden administration. We never had these legal disputes under Trump. Even the Wall Street Journal had to report the lower in the middle income Americans were making a higher percentage of wage increase in upper class Americans under the trump regime.

  13. 41

    Auto workers need to understand that Biden's push for electric vehicles which will put many of them out of work!

  14. 47
    Lawrence Harris

    Biden has already caused enough damage mandating the manufacturing of EV's before it's time.He always puts the cart in front of the horse.EV's sales is less than 10% of the market, let the market lead the way.Most people does not want a electric car or truck.

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