Biden praises wrong group during Hispanic Caucus event #shorts

FOX News contributor Joe Concha reacts to the president’s latest gaffe.

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  1. 9
    John Douglas

    He’s no worse than the stable genius who suggested injecting bleach into your body to get rid of COVID. The stable genius who looked directly into a solar eclipse. The stable genius who didn’t know that Puerto Rico was a territory and not a state. Ok…

  2. 15
    Darwin Munk

    Well, at least we dont have mean tweets anymore, we now have rampant inflation, southern border wide open, our enemies running wild, giving the wacked out mullahs of Iran 6 billion dollars, Jobama is like Jimmy Carter on steroids

  3. 17
    Rick M

    I’m pretty sure you and your daddy had a lot of conversations. I’m pretty sure that you and your daddy sniffed and smelled every little girls hair. I’m pretty sure you and your daddy shared conversations about how sexy little girls are. And told them not to tell her mommy and daddy.

  4. 22
    Bill Thompson

    This creepy Joe he should never been president he is falling apart in front of the world it time to impeacan them both an vote for Trump again anyone else that will make America great again God bless America 🇺🇲🇺🇲

  5. 29
    Buckeye H.

    This guy is so far gone. He's a squatter in the White House. He sure doesn't belong in there how many lies has it been now and nobody wants to call him out when he makes these lies

  6. 37
    Pamela Bredemeyer

    Maybe it's because he so much cares about black people supposedly is why he has not fixed the boarders problem because he thinks their black..oh my God trying to figure out what the hell he is thinking gives me a migraine

  7. 40
    Noel Rivera

    I don't understand how if that isbad and renders him unfit how trump doing the same thing ok… Trump had also mixed up groups of ppl he's also said some not real things other presidents have done it in the passed everyone does it … When your running a whole country of entitled idiots by yourself because Congress won't do their job (both Biden and trump) things tend to blend together and when you speak publicly as much as the pres does your bound to mess up words … however, Biden has a documented speech condition what's Trump's excuse

  8. 43

    The ACORN king's Manchurian floods America with 6 million indigent and demands we "welcome strangers", feed them, gib dim fwee healt'cay, fwee housing, at tax payers expense. Inflation 'is' the Rules For Radicals.

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