Biden has improved America’s world standing, Trump threatens to blow it up all over again: Joy Reid

Presidents Biden and Zelenskyy addressed the United Nations on Tuesday. President Biden is improving America’s world standing, many say, while critics believe Donald Trump threatens to blow it up again after his tumultuous presidency. The crisis of American democracy on the world stage is analyzed by Joy Reid and her expert guests.
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  1. 3
    matt wilson

    Improved Americas Standing ? A Nation that was.little more than a Poverty stricken ,Communist Joke ! 50 years ago ,is Now ,Equal to U.S.A. both Economically ,And almost Millitarilly ! Now ,i dont blame Joe biden for This ,Theres plenty of Blame to goAround ; But ,He doesent seem to know its Happenning ,in ,fact ,doesent seem to know a Lot of things are Happening ,But 😢he Rest of World knows its Happenning .and deciding ,Maybe U.S.A. Is Over !

  2. 5

    Blaming the Maui wildfires on climate change is the most amazing display of gaslighting I’ve ever seen. Hearing these people talk about “climate change being a hoax” and in the same sentence talk about Maui, as if that’s why the island burned down is crazyyy. And yet Biden sends over $700 to our brothers and sisters in Hawaii but billions to Ukraine in a war that isn’t even ours to fight.

  3. 13

    Daniel vrea să joace jocuri și să fure date pentru nigerian și rus și desun wang vreau să încerce să lovească un ofițer, sora bidens, red fird fiat ethan este aici și nu sunt sigur ce au făcut să-l facă pe Brin și Sergio nu este un film l-am prins pe thomas j Morgan când l-a răpit și m-a violat

  4. 17
    Brian Alexander

    I figured it out, It’s all of you Democrats, not giving us our Republican voters rights. Give me my right to smoke and so on, so you Democrats are gonna punish us or Republicans we have our rights too

  5. 24
    Ant Blake

    Seriously? Biden sounds and looks like Mr. Magoo. I am no great lover of Trump but I am certainly not a fan of Biden either. Like, dude, pull out of Ukraine already and get people back to work and make education and medical care more accessible and of better quality. I don't believe in human caused climate change. I'd rather have my chronically ill mother get good care than see more solar energy panels. Biden is no better than Trump in my eyes.

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