AOC ‘haunted’ by the reality of her migrant rhetoric: Piers Mogran

‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ host Piers Mogran reacts to AOC and other Democrats being ‘cornered’ by screaming protesters over NYC’s migrant crisis on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. 1
    Winona Campbell

    Can not take of US citizens, however the USA can vaccinate, house, feed Clothe, medical care, jobs non-US citizens. Any one else think that’s CRAP!!🤬Send everyone back to their Countries. The USA need’s to get back to being the USA.

  2. 3
    Darla Dutton

    I've watched them open food at my local Walmart like it was free, they've trashed it! I've waited in line several times as they don't speak English and can't pay properly ! It's past angering!!!! We will loose yet another local store! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. 4
    Jeffrey Schindler

    Here to make sure there vaccinated. What a joke… what about the murderers and rapists and terrorists? They have no idea who these people are. Im for chipping all these illegal aliens!!!

  4. 11
    P D

    Whether its the usa or the uk, most of these illegal migrants have no intention of assimilating. Look at the state of france, gernany and parts of england and italy, ruined by ignorant migrants wanting handouts, while giving nothing back..

  5. 15
    FW Blok

    When was this report broadcasted?
    Make sure there fully vaccinated??
    Who said that a Pfizer clown?
    No documents no problem, no vax big problem.
    Apart from immigration, America was also built on colonialism.
    Piers hole pulled those ik numbers about Albanians straight from his g spot .

  6. 18
    Vic Die

    They should add that is thanks to US embargo and England not wanting to return Venezuela gold. What is wrong to work at home? 😂 still work

  7. 19
    Gary Leonard

    Yeah, Italy isn’t letting those migrants in that country. Trust me! That island is ran by mafia doubt these people will stay in line. Trust me.

  8. 21
    Gary Leonard

    She really did look wicked, scared like she did something wrong and she’s like “please forgive me please!” Is that the face of any politician? Weak? Scared? If we are going to keep collecting people like this, in certain positions of power, or in for a long and dark future.

  9. 23

    There's a reason why FOX NEWS can't be trusted, they had to pay out $787 million for not telling the truth. Other networks do too, but not like FOX. PLEASE verify anything you see on FOX with the AP, PBS or any other site that seems to remain neutral. FOX only tells you what they think you want to hear, like Ronald Reagan said about the Russians, 'Trust but verify.'

  10. 26
    Sri Vaishnavi

    Muslim countries promote to give birth to as many children as possible to spread their existence. Due to lack of resources now they just want to loot another countries. Histroy is repeating.

  11. 28
    Eve C

    I wouldn't mind going back to the office as long as I get at least the $1.75/hr raise (no raise since 2020 work from home) that it now would cost me to drive to work. Oil changes have gone up $40/has prices up approx $2/gal/tires up approx $20/tire/service maintenance is up.

  12. 32

    🤣😆 AOC blows. She IS uniquely irritating and self-righteous. She loves nothing more than hearing herself speak. She’s absurd.

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