5 Americans freed by Iran en route to US

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  1. 3
    Savage GameZ

    These idiots know that the relationship with Iran is a little rocky right now and they still continue to travel to Iran. I'm getting tired of this crap

  2. 10

    Good for you! your freedom makes the imprisonment of a lot of innocents even longer! Shame on this policy

  3. 13

    Shame shame shame on you!
    Many innocent women with their babies are in these prisons , you saved 5 ? Shame on those five who see themselves happy! Continue feed dictators, create dictators, shame , shame on humanity! Prisons isn’t the matter of place! Happiness isn’t the matter of money! Americans blood isn’t more expensive! Shame, shame on you! They are laughing at you and your policy this Friday in 🕌

  4. 15

    These are not real Americans but foreigners causing problems in their own countries and now all of sudden are calling themselves Americans when they are arrested for their criminal behavior, let them rott in jail and dont give Iran no money or anything else to release these pathetic human biological waste.

  5. 24
    บ่าว อนุสรณ ระเหม ดาวุส

    พวกไอ้ก้อป, ราฟี ,ชานนย์ นายพีระยศ นิยมเดชา
    และพวก ฟารุคพ่อมันชื่อยีหมีดและพวกสนธยา สังหาด และช่องวิถีไทยในยูทูปพวกมัน

  6. 26
    Julie Muir

    If you are foolish enough to go to a country were you know you are hated and know that the possibility of harm is grate, THEN YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET. YOU JUMPED INTO THE FLAMES. DONT EXPECT ANY PITY FROM ME.

  7. 29
    Kenneth Johnson

    I see folks in the commets thanking Joe Biden for bring these folks home ! I'm glad they are home as well ! But let us not forget the 13 U S soldiers that were left in Afganistain to die ! And who knows how many assets and allies that were murdered ! FJB !!!!!!!!!

  8. 34
    daniel kingery

    Isn't it GREAT that the US is inviting ALL Americans abroad to be kidnapped and sold back.
    We ARE negotiating with terrorists and PAYING ransom's.

  9. 35

    Orange Spanky: "Joe is a loser and a hater, I wouldn't have brought these people back and I would've given the Iranian funds to my Russian boyfriend."

  10. 39
    G Williams

    So Carter and Biden brings home Amercians, and tRump traded to let terrorists free and trump is the Amercian patriot? You won't see this right wing entertainment news.

    Biden, I knew you were old, but you go old man. You still on point!!

  11. 40
    John C

    I would warn all Americans to stay clear of Iran or other state sponsors of terrorism. You will be taken hostage. Nice job sleepy joe’s handlers!

  12. 42
    Mike Hernandez

    It only cost a billion per person and nuclear weapons to Iran. I haven't seen a trade like this since the gay black weed head female basketball player in Russia for a real villain.

  13. 44

    Let's this be known that Right wing Politicians and many of their bigoted supporters, would rather have the American dead. Because Biden unfreezed the hostage takers bank accounts.THE GOP HATES AMERICANS.

  14. 47
    tabitha N

    Personally I am sick and tired of state’s kidnapping people. We should make it against the law to travel to Russia and Iran! Or else we should kidnap their citizens in return!

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